A new string for our bow….

Today I found myself up in front of a Judge in court!

This was not as serious as it sounds merely assisting a local firm of Solicitors with a Licensing Application for a restaurant. Whilst I have prepared licensing drawings before this was the first time I attended the Court as an expert. An interesting experience and it is good to gain experience in this field and indeed add another service to the Practice. I have to say standing in front of a Judge is strange and I did feel guilty of something!!

More Good News!

We have also recently doubled our workforce and are pleased to welcome Jamie Gibson back to the practice. Jamie, who was here for his Part 1 Year Out, has just completed his formal Part 2  studies and is now gaining the experience needed to sit his professional exams. Hopefully our workload will continue to increase and we will be able to support Jamie through to full qualification as an Architect.