Time to start thinking……

smaller straw

It is Autumn, the days are getting shorter, kids are back to school, all the after school clubs and activities are back into full swing. Football, rugby, hockey, etc are taking up your weekends and kids are needing Mum & Dads taxi here there and everywhere and on top of that Christmas is not all that far away...... Plenty to do and never enough time! No wonder this is the slowest time of year for us Architects in terms [.....]

Dwelling in a Cluster PPS21 CTY2a

PPS21 CTY 2a

We were very pleased to receive Planning Approval for a 'Dwelling in a Cluster' in rural County Armagh. Planning Policy Statement 21 (PPS21) allows under Policy CTY 2a for a new dwelling to be erected in an Existing Cluster but it is perhaps one of the hardest to achieve. To be a cluster there are a few key ingredients: 1. Firstly there has to be a 'node' or focal points such as a crossroads or commuinity building [.....]

Extension, Portadown

Proposed modern extension

A new job on the 'drawing boards' and one we are enjoying getting our teeth into is remodelling and extending this 1950's gentleman's residence. The property has not been modernised at all since it was built so will require a lot of work to make it a family home suitable for today's busy, hectic lifestyle. This will include substantial improvement's to its fabric for energy efficiency. In the modern extension a new double [.....]

Straw Bales required!

Straw needed!

We are very excited to be working on something a little bit different! We have a new client who wishes to build their house from straw and has actually some of the bales required bought already. We aren't aware of too many such houses in Northern Ireland and think this will be the first in County Armagh. You are probably thinking about the 'Big Bad Wolf' and looking around you for Three Little Pigs but before you laugh [.....]

Just through Planning!


More good news today, this dwelling, just outside Portadown has sailed through the planning process in just 5 weeks! Looking forward to getting stuck into the Building Control drawings and getting the job on site

Are the new Building Regulations confusing you?


It would seem that a lot of people, throughout the construction industry, are finding the new Part F1 of the Building Regulations relating to dwellings very confusing! These regulations are concerned with the thermal performance of the building and are applicable to both new builds and extensions. There are also many product and service providers muddying the waters telling people you need to do this, you need to do that, [.....]

Planning Approved!

Contemporary design inspired by farm small holding

More Good News - after a few 'discussions' with the Planning Department we are pleased to get a phonecall today confirming that this proposal for a dwelling in rural Co Armagh will be approved. Inspiration for the scheme of integrated simple rural forms - a cottage and a barn - came from the small holdings in the locality. The north facing roadside public elevation has small traditionally proportioned openings while the rear [.....]

We do not just do ‘small’ stuff….

Factory extension, Portadown.

Whilst most of our work is in the residential sector we also work in other areas of construction. This is a portal frame factory extension that is currently on site. To achieve planning permission for the shot blasting and painting activities to be housed in the new building took quite a bit of effort as the factory is located in a residential area and we had to ensure and prove that noise, fumes, and potential air-borne [.....]

Extensions and Alterations

modern extension northern ireland

In the current economic climate a lot of people are deciding to improve rather than move. This is fantastic news for us as we really enjoy working on extensions and alterations to existing dwellings! We feel as Architects we can bring much more to these projects than many 'plan drawers' and you may get a pleasant surprise when you learn that our fees may not even be much higher. As Architects we are trained to think about [.....]

New Dwelling, Madden, Co Armagh

Traditional dwelling with front projection

A new storey and a half dwelling with front projection just starting on site in the Madden area of County Armagh. [gallery

A quirky house just into Planning

Traditional Front

We have just submitted this Planning Application for a quirky 'Dwelling on a Farm' under Planning Policy PPS21 just outside Portadown in rural Co Armagh. The client wanted a very traditional Georgian style block to the public side with a contrasting modern 'extension' to the rear containing with a large, light filled, open plan kitchen dining living room inspired by the TV chef Nigel Slater's kitchen as seen on his recent [.....]

We are ready for the new Building Regulations

SAP 2009 Training

After an intensive days training with Elmhurst Energy Systems we are now ready for the new Part F of the Building Regulations and SAP 2009 which will be introduced on 31st October 2012. Having worked on developments in England, Wales and Scotland which have had these regulations since 2009 we are well placed to continue to continue to deliver the provision of Design SAP's, As-Built SAP's and EPC's. Please feel free to contact [.....]

A highly un-scientific experiment

Evacuated Tube Solar Panels Northern Ireland

Our solar panels are only on a month but already the east facing ones are out performing the west facing by some 50%! I had always thought the bright clear early morning sun which we get at this time of year would be the best time for the panels to perform and so far this unscientific approach seems to be working.  It will be interesting to see how this pans out over a year...... With [.....]

Edenvale Garden Rooms

High Quality Garden Room

A friend of mine has just launched a new business which I am very pleased to be associated with - if you want a garden room that is a little bit special and very well made from high quality materials and all for a very competitive price he is well worth a look! http://www.edenvalegardenrooms.co.uk/index.html[gallery

Merry Christmas

snowy card

We would like to wish all our customers and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New

A new string for our bow….

craigavon courthouse

Today I found myself up in front of a Judge in court! This was not as serious as it sounds merely assisting a local firm of Solicitors with a Licensing Application for a restaurant. Whilst I have prepared licensing drawings before this was the first time I attended the Court as an expert. An interesting experience and it is good to gain experience in this field and indeed add another service to the Practice. I have to say [.....]

Sunny days make pouring foundations easier!

Foundations poured!

A new house started on site, Markethill County Armagh. Exciting times for the clients seeing the build of their home actually start on site[gallery

New Building Regulations coming soon…..

New Part F 2012

New Building Regulations will be introduced in Northern Ireland on the 31st October 2012. The main change will be in Part F which is concerned with Energy Efficiency and continues to push towards Zero Carbon. This will have an effect on SAP Calculations and EPC's and with a 25% increase in minimum standards will undoubtedly increase build costs. As a practice interested in Energy Efficiency we have been designing well [.....]