Dwelling in a Cluster PPS21 CTY2a

We were very pleased to receive Planning Approval for a ‘Dwelling in a Cluster’ in rural County Armagh.

Planning Policy Statement 21 (PPS21) allows under Policy CTY 2a for a new dwelling to be erected in an Existing Cluster but it is perhaps one of the hardest to achieve. To be a cluster there are a few key ingredients:

1. Firstly there has to be a ‘node’ or focal points such as a crossroads or commuinity building (Church, School, Ornage Hall, Sports Club…..)
2. There has to be at least four or more buildings (not counting garages and sheds) and at least three of these must be dwellings.
3. The cluster has to be a visible entitity in tha landscape.
4. The identified site has to be enclosed and bounded on at least two sides by other development in the cluster.
5. The new house has to be absorbed intot he cluster and not affect the character of the cluster or visually intrude into the open countryside.
6. Finally as well as all of the above and whislt the new house must be in the cluster it must be shown that it would not adversely impact on residential amenity of existing houses.

As you can see a fine balancing act of criteria and little wonder this is one of the ‘hardest’ approvals to get. We are a ‘Rural’ practice and very interested and involved in ‘Rural’ planning with a very high success rate so if you should have any projects or are looking some practical, imaprtial, honest advice about possibilities please do not hesitate to contact us.

There is much more to a successful application than a red line on an OS Map and crossing your fingers!