Housing Development, Laurelvale

This new 42 House Development is due to receive Planning Approval this month. It was good to get back into Housing Development work as this has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat in the recent Recession and some movement in this area is great to see!.

This was a very challenging site bounded by roads in three sides and with the main North-South electricity lines cutting the site in two. With a view to current market conditions we completely revised the layout to sub divide the scheme into smaller ‘chunks’ to allow the builder to go in and finish one section at a time. No one wants to live for years in a building site!

Despite finding out that since this site originally achieved Planning Approval that a substantial portion was now in a flood plain we have produced a commercially viable scheme that not only addresses the stringent conditions this imposes but will also help allievate floods in neighbouring developments.

With a simple, elegant Georgian style all the houses have been designed with high quality finishes and generous well proportion layouts with high ceiling heights. Bay windows, porches and variations in finishes will enhance the scheme.

Planning Consultants on the scheme were Gemma Jobling of Hoy Dorman Ltd and Roads / Civil Engineer Johnny Keenan of TJK Consulting.