New Building Regulations coming soon…..

New Building Regulations will be introduced in Northern Ireland on the 31st October 2012.

The main change will be in Part F which is concerned with Energy Efficiency and continues to push towards Zero Carbon. This will have an effect on SAP Calculations and EPC’s and with a 25% increase in minimum standards will undoubtedly increase build costs. As a practice interested in Energy Efficiency we have been designing well ahead of the current regulations and many of our houses currently on site easily exceed the requirements of these new stricter regulations.

The new Regulations are closely based on the current regulations of England and Wales and through our work supplying SAP’s and EPC’s to clients on the mainland we are well placed to ensure seemless integration into both our Design Work and our SAP/EPC Services.

More information and copies of the regulations are available on the Building Regulations website which you can access by clicking here