Replacement Dwelling, Ahorey, Portadown

A simple two storey traditional farmhouse which isn’t actually all that simple at all. Replacing a tired, damp, cramped farmhouse this new dwelling not only blends into the landscape but will cost the occupants nothing to heat or power. That is right NOTHING at all.

With very high levels of insulation, a compact form and, close attention to thermal bridges when designed and high quality workmanship and attention to detail form the builders this house does not lose much heat. The existing wind turbine on the small holding not only provides free electric but also all the space heating required via an air source heat pump. If there are any still calm days when heating is required this can be drawn from the electricity grid and although this will have to be paid for any electricity not used on windy days is exported AND the occupants will also benefit from NIROCs (Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates) payments based on electricity created whether used on site or not!

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