Time to start thinking……

It is Autumn, the days are getting shorter, kids are back to school, all the after school clubs and activities are back into full swing. Football, rugby, hockey, etc are taking up your weekends and kids are needing Mum & Dads taxi here there and everywhere and on top of that Christmas is not all that far away…… Plenty to do and never enough time!

No wonder this is the slowest time of year for us Architects in terms of new jobs but don’t worry too much we still have plenty to do with jobs already on the boards.

Over this past few years we have noticed that early in the New Year, just as Christmas is over and the kids go back to school and Spring is just around the corner, peoples thoughts turn to building that extension or new home. “It would be great to get building soon…..” they think. Unfortunately if you add in a few months of design, another three to four or more months for Planning and then another few for Building Control and Tendering quite often getting to the stage of turning a sod takes 8-9 months which brings you back to this time of year! Whilst you might commence a new home if the weather holds you probably dont want a builder starting to create mess and muck and noise and nuisance (not to mention a great big hole in the wall or taking your roof off when it is freezing outside) to extend your home at this time of year…..

So if you are thinking of building in 2015 now is the time to start planning for it! Give us a ring or call into see us anytime and we will get the ball rolling……..

smaller straw

This photo of hay stacks was taken by my daughter Hannah aged 9