Traditional single storey dwelling, Markethill.

A new dwelling under construction near Markethill, Co Armagh.

Some of the projects we put on the website seem to be large, modern, expensive houses. Perhaps this one is not quite so grand and perhaps the design is not quite as modern or intricate. However that does not matter to us. We will bring the same amount of time and effort to this type of house as any other. A house is usually the most expensive purchase a person will make and we will do our utmost to ensure that we create for our clients the house that they want and make best use of the budget that they have. Everyone’s taste and budget is different and no two houses designs we produce are ever the same.

Like many other houses we have on the board or on site at the minute this house has been designed well above current Building Control standards in terms of its energy efficiency. Yes it may cost a little more to build this house but given the price of oil it will not take our clients long to recoup this extra cost in reduced heating bills.

Its now just some 6 months after the foundation were poured and the kitchen is due next week with the family due to move in. They can’t wait to move and start enjoying country life in their new house.